The Ultimate Reggae Album – Free Download

The Ultimate Reggae Album – Free Download


Beim Stöbern im WWW habe ich soeben die Seite “Freshremix – Hottest Music Worldwide” gefunden, wo das 6-CD-Album “The Ultimate Reggae Album” zum freien Download angeboten wird.


Folgende Tracks sind auf diesem Album zu hören:


1.Beenie Man – Who Am I?
2.Shaggy – Lately (With Rayvon)
3.Shabba Ranks – Mr Loverman (With Deborahe Glasgow)
4.Sean Paul – Beware (Boss Riddim By O$$Bo$$)
5.Yellowman – Zungguzunggugunzunguzeng
6.Cutty Ranks – The Stopper
7.Wayne Marshall – Party Here
8.Top Cat – Request The Style
9.Barrington Levy – Under Mi Sensi
10.J C Lodge – Telephone Love
11.Bob Marley – The Sun Is Shining
12.Phillip Leo & CJ Lewis – Youn, Gifted & Black
13.Desmond Dekker – You Can Get It If You Really Want
14.Barrington Levy – Here I Come
15.Clint Eastwood & General Saint – Another One Bites The Dust
16.Winsome – Am I The Same Girl?
17.Tenor Fly – The Bright Side Of Life
18.Dennis Brown – Slow Down Woman
19.Nerious Joseph & Tenor Fly – My Girl
20.Janet Lee Davis – Baby I’ve Been Missing You
21.Dawn Penn – No, No , No (With Bounty Killer, Dennis Brown & Ken Boothe)
22.Wayne Wonder – No Letting Go (Smooth Summer Mix)
23.Dennis Brown – Money In My Pocket
24.Dillinger – Cocaine In My Brain
25.Clint Eastwood & General Saint – Stop That Train
26.Dr. Alimantado – The Chalice Blaze
27.Delroy Wilson – Cool Operator
28.Dennis Brown – Silver Words
29.Jacob Miller – Baby I Love You So
30.Bobby Jamaica – Party Time
31.Arrow – Hot Hot Hot
32.Barrington Levy – Too Experienced
33.Wayne Wonder – Spare Me34.
34.Jacques Camus – Come On
35.Clyde & The KGS – Takin’ It Easy (Instrumental Mix)
36.Bobby Jamaica – Around My Way
37.Arnold Drake – Girly Girly
38.Ben Gidsjoy – The Beat Goes On
39.Clyde & The KGS – Wah Jah (Instrumenta Mix)
40.Bobby Jamaica – Wicked Tuff
41.The Dubtings – Cigar Man
42.Digby Jones – Dubweiser
43.The Dubtings – Vibe Flow
44.Jacques Camus – Kingston Dub Bus
45.Arnold Drake – Midnight Skank
46.Kinkyminky – Turn It Up (DJ Dubplate Mix)
47.Clyde & The KGS – Come Over Her Baby
48.Eustice Beckford – Streets Ahead
49.Tippa Quarn – Tribal Drum (With Cold Danny)
50.Lion Zimma – Lost Station Dub
51.Clyde & The KGS – Skanktimple (Dub Mix)
52.The Dubtings – Feelin’ Irie
53.Jerry Douala – Are You Ready? (1977 Original Mix)
54.Delroy Jenkin’s Sonik Soul Band – Simple Dub (Instrumental Mix)
55.The Original Roots – Play Some Music For I
56.Burnie Ranking – Fire Truck Riddim
57.Winston Nino & The Humble-ites – Jah Mash Down The Wicked
58.Leroy Eastwood – Time To Recover
59.James Darnley – Catamaran
60.Bobby Jamaica – Mister Man (7″ Edit)

Ich wollte euch diesen Fund nicht vorenthalten – hier geht’s zum Download

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