Demo Track with music from the upcoming CD "RaggaChill"

1. RaggaChill 2. ChaCha Blue 3. Dos Amigos 4. December (playtime 12:23)


All Tracks from the CD "Recuerdos" as Stream.

1. Gitano Urbano 2. Noche Arabé 3. Noviembre 4. Rumba Latina 5. Amazona 6. Suenos En Tossa 7. Recuerdos 8.Abril 9. Rumba Digitale 10. Rumbalectro 11. Amor Perdido 12. Estrellas (playtime 35:09)

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RaggaChill upcoming release

cossa bella

May 2008 " Nidia Ortiz y Rumba del Sol", CD "Cosa Bella".


February 2008 "Ama Lounge 2" (Sampler) contains "Gitano Urbano".


2006/07/11 "Meereslauschen" contains all tracks from the CD "Recuerdos".

June 2003 CD "Recuerdos" contains 12 Guitar instrumentals.


April 2003 "Paparazzi Lounge" (Sampler) contains "Abril".


The music-project "Rumba del Sol" is based on my love and intense occupation with Rumba/Flamenco Guitar. In April 2003 the CD Sampler Paparazzi Lounge was released, includes the Title "Abril" by Rumba del Sol. In June 2003 I also released my first Audio CD "Recuerdos". All tracks on this CD are composed, played and produced by myself, under the pseudonym "macandrews", in different places in Europe.

In the summer of 2005 Rumba del Sol was reinforced by my friend Juergen Dahmen, who is a multi- instrumentalist and from now on the co-producer.

In the summer of 2007 we have started a music cooperation with Nidia Ortiz named "Nidia Ortiz y Rumba del Sol". The CD "Cosa Bella" was released on May 15th 2008.

After the "Cosa Bella" CD-Release we played some Gigs with Nidia Ortiz in Germany with different guest musicians, as example Konstantin Wienstroer, double bass, (he plays too as guest on the recording Cosa Bella), and Selman Sezek, percussion.

Thank you for your visit and come back soon.

Andreas Wagner